The Students Affairs Department is concerned with auspices of nonacademic students affairs and also supervises all the various extracurricular students activities like the sport, cultural , social activities and student services of all kinds ( healthy, guiding, psychological …etc ).It also makes efforts to provide premiums and scholarships for the needy students by seeking and searching with the nongovernmental and humanitarian societies and to carry out the social survey for students to learn about their situation and the possibility of helping them financially to complete their academic studies. The section also oversees all the students activities and elections of student council. The head of the student affairs department is responsible for chairing the commission setting primitive problem by the dean of the college.

Among the activities  of student affairs Department :
- Social counseling and guidance : The section works to provide social counseling service through a social specialist meant for student affairs and a female social specialist concerned with the affairs of female students .Both specialists work on receiving students and listening to their problems, whether academic or social to solve them and avoid negative effects on their education.
Student lending Fund:
This fund is working to provide soft loan ( without interest ) to cover tuition fees in order to provide an opportunity for the needy students to pursue  their studies that they have to pay their loans after graduation and get a suitable job.

Sports Activities :
Doing all the extracurricular sports activities through sports supervisor of the department of students affairs and with coordination with the student body.
Student Council :
It is the supreme student body that represent the students at the college administration. The members of the council are elected by the students in the fourth week of the second scholastic semester each year and it is required that candidates for membership of the council have the academic and moral good standards . The council is working under the supervision of the department of student affairs at :

( competence of the the student council in the college ):
1-  Making closer relationship between students and the college administration.
2- Finding solutions to the problems faced by students.
3- Organizing students activities and celebrations for students of the college.
4- Making continuous coordination with the division of student affairs.
5- Making communication with the local community  to serve students.