The University College of Science and Technology in Khan Younis and the Business and Technology Incubator at the Islamic University organized a pioneering meeting entitled "Riyada Road Show" in the presence of the meeting coordinator Mr. Mohammed Al-Najjar, the business development specialist Mr. Yousef Al-Hallaq and a group of faculty members, employees and students from the College and those interested in the field of entrepreneurship.

Mr. Al-Najjar welcomed the attendees, speaking about the importance of holding pioneering meetings that contribute significantly to highlight the most important pioneering projects that open the way for the privileged to engage in the field of entrepreneurship by developing their entrepreneurship projects and launching them to contribute to solving the problems of the Palestinian society.

A. Najjar pointed out that the College has set in its future directions to strengthen this field among students in the college in particular and the southern region in general, stressing that close steps in this framework will be touched by the students and the people in the southern region.

In turn, Eng. Al Hallaq pointed out that the role of incubators is to follow up projects and network with the funding bodies to bring the necessary financing for pilot projects.

Eng. Al Hallaq presented the services done by the BTI which provides a range of technical consultations, logistical support, material support and success stories for pilot projects supported by the incubator.

At the end of the meeting, Eng. Abeer Siddam pioneered her project through the "Khazanati project" in front of the audience before responding to public queries.