68868Provides technological solutions to mental disabilities resulting from wars

An academic in science and technology wins the best scientific research at an international conference in Malaysia.

In the framework of its remarkable distinction at the academic level through the continuous participation in scientific conferences and seminars held at the local and international level, Assistant Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology at the University College of Science and Technology Khan Yunis Ahmed Al-Akluk and in partnership with the National University of Malaysia received the best scientific research award on the use of games In the 6th International Conference on Information Technology (ICEEI2017), which was held last November in Malaysia.

Joint cooperation

The participation of the college through one of its researchers at this conference is a continuation of the joint cooperation between the University College and the National University of Malaysia in the field of scientific research and the exchange of experiences and information, which in turn contributes to qualitative progress and links the college with many institutions in various scientific and training fields. College and its students for innovation and creativity and provide quality solutions to serve the community.

Service for people with special needs

D. Alklouk stressed that the research addressed the provision of technological solutions in support of the rehabilitation process, pointing out that the research targeted people who have suffered brain injuries (stroke - work injuries - war injuries), which lead to disabilities of mobility and cognitive, was focused in this research on the rehabilitation of cognitive skills ( Memory, focus, attention - decision making - problem solving skills), stressing that this technology is a qualitative addition to the rehabilitation methods used in the centers and hospitals that provide rehabilitation service to the Palestinian community.

Treatment of patients in stimulating ways

And Dr. Alkluk in the same context that the research has developed a system of games aimed at cognitive skills by providing an interactive game environment that is conducive to the patients and can be accessed through the Internet and under the same processor. He pointed out in the same context that through field studies and interviews with specialists in this area we work to expand the role The processor has a key role in building and designing these games in accordance with the nature and needs of its patients.

A fun and affordable treatment method

D. Alklouk showed that the challenge in this research is how to build a game system that meets all the needs of patients because the disability resulting from brain injury depends on the location and size of the injury and therefore the needs of patients are different and varied, noting that during field visits to several rehabilitation centers in the Gaza Strip, The number of patients is not commensurate with the number of specialists who provide the rehabilitation service for those patients, as well as the traditional rehabilitation method and exercises used become boring to patients with time because of the length of the rehabilitation in many cases, up to the high cost as the cost of accommodation for the patient And provided by some centers and hospitals of about 400 shekels per day.

Encouragement and permanent attendance

In this context, the Dean of the College, Dr. Mohamed Ashour Sadiq, confirmed that the achievement of a researcher from the college was awarded the best research in spite of the siege and the general tightening. This is a true translation of the efforts exerted by everyone to develop the educational level in Palestine and to achieve the principle of permanent participation in internal and external conferences. The college is one of the scientific, cultural and intellectual resources that is reflected in the performance of our lecturers and thus benefit the students of the college by making maximum use of the different experiences and participations. Slats internally and externally, and support all participants needs and supplies that will help participants to excellence and progress.