Origin and Evolution
The University College of Science and Technology was established under the name of "College of Science and Technology, in Khan younis in 1990 as a civil institution concerned with teaching technical science. The council for higher education in Jerusalem has assumed the supervision of it in 1995. Since then the ministry of education and higher education took over the supervision and since that moment the college has become a governmental institution in 1997.                                                                                                                                   
The college administration spared no efforts with cooperation with the Ministry of Education and higher Education to make the college a nucleus of a pioneering   Academic university in the field of the technical and technological serve a large segment of the Palestinian people
The college graduates are awarded both Bachelor degree and diploma in thirty - six   technical and scientific specializations within a distinctive academic program  according to the credit hour system where students study 66-77 credit hours spread over four terms for diploma students and eight semesters over a four year bachelor students with the exception of Engineering specializations within five years distributer to ten semesters .

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The college is characterized by a significant geographical location commensurate with the needs of students living in the south of the Gaza strip in particular and those who live in the Gaza strip in general . the college is also characterized by the various buildings and spaces  and facilities that are on a high degree of quality and efficiency corresponding to the needs of diverse students .