Academic load

The following instructions are imposed upon students who join college for bachelor degree:

  • A maximum academic load for a regular student in a semester is 19 credit hours, while the maximum load for him in a summer semester is 10 credit hours.
  • A student is allowed to register 22 credit hours in condition of having the dean's acceptance in two situations:Limited load for a regular student in academic semester is 12 credit hours except an expected graduate in his last semester, or for who hasn't found courses to register in his academic plan.
    • A student's average has to be no less than 80% in his last semester.
    • If a student's graduation is expected.
  • A student's academic load in a summer semester is allowed to be 11 credit hours if his graduation depends on them.
  • A student's academic load is allowed to be 12 credit hours if he is under the academic alert.