The college is distinguished by low fees for both degrees bachelor and diploma where the credit hour for bachelor degree is 13 to 15 Jordanian dinars
Amnesties and grants:
The college offers a group of amnesties and grants for its students.

# Grant Item Percentage Conditions
1  complete holy Quran keepers.  (complete grant) 100%
  • The candidate student should hold credited certificate from the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs.
  • The addict should here are citation exam in the college.
2  the first excellent
student at his major (bachelor or diploma)
 (complete grant) 100%
  • The student rate shouldn't be less than90%.
  • The student should enroll more than 12credit hour.
3  the second student at his major(bachelor diploma)  50%
  • The students term shouldn’t be less than 80%.
  • 12credit hours should be enrolled by the student.
4  students who have got 954.and over in the Tawjihi certificate.  (complete grant) 100%
  • the student should get at least 90% rate at each term.
  • the student should enroll 12 credit hours at least.
5  students who hear got 90%at 95%the Tawjihi certificate.  50%
  • The student should get at least 90%rote each term.
  • 12 credit hours should be enrolled certificate.
6  the son and wife  the detainee  (complete grant) 100%
  •  A university grant shod be brought from the concerned destinations
7  the son and wife detainee  (complete grant) 100%
  • the students father should be detained at the Israeli jails when enrolling.
  • the reason his arrest should be security.
8  the wives of employees at the higher education.  50%
  •  At bachelor and diploma programs.
9  the wives of employees at the same educational in institution    
10  the sons of employees
At(the higher)education and those who are retired
  •  -for all sons whether at bachelor or diploma program.
11  brathers at bachelor or diploma programs.  25%
  •  - For each brother
12  social status  50%
  • A social status holds a number From the concerned official institutions.
13  the sons of employees at the same educational institution  100%
  •  as long as the employee works.
14  a student and his wife.  25% for each one.
  •  They should bring what proves that:
  •  A marriage contact and the credit card.
15  a father and his son  25%
  •  They should bring what  is proves that.