Department of Admission and Registration

It is the department responsible for a student's academic processing which concerned with the declaration of admission new students, reception of joining applications and academic registration of courses during a student's academic period.


Admission and registration functions:

  • Applying the general academic systems that college concerned with students which include admitting them, registering courses, classification, enrolment, and applying any academic procedures related to students.
  • Preparing and saving students' archives; including individual examinations, registration cards, grade archives, semester results, certificate archive, exam archives of registration and department correspondence.
  • Registering both fresh and senior students with coordination, cooperation of the other academic departments and preparing lists of students' registered for every course and its classes and distributing copies of these lists to instructors.
  • Preparing academic programs for every academic period with coordination of the academic departments.
  • Preparing the final examination programs for every academic period.
  • Preparing student final results for every academic period, deciding the academic state of students according to protocol, declaring students' results and presenting academic semester situations before the college council for decision.
  • Confirming students' compatibility for the graduation requirements in all college majors and preparing lists of student names to start their graduation procedures.


Documents required for completing the admission:

  • A copy of secondary school certificate which is verified by the Ministry of Education.
  • A copy of identity card or passport.
  • Four personal photos.
  • A copy of birth certificate.
  • Receipt of registration fees.


Registration procedures:

  • A admission application fee of non-refundable 10 dinars is paid at the financial department after verifying the secondary school certificate
  • A student receives the admission package.
  • A student delivers an electronic application via internet or the college local network.
  • The admission result is immediately revealed after the approval of the application, according to a student’s desire priorities and capacity of majors.
  • A student has to pay the fees of the first semester credited hours at the financial department in order to be able to register electronically.