The Health Management Program was designed for finding specialized leaders in leading and managing the healthy service institutions.  The curricula of the academic program offer a scientific and practical framework in managing the different healthy regulations. These curricula provide the student with high-level, knowledgeable, technical and human abilities and skills in order to work as a maker of the best healthy services in the hometown and outside it and come up with the new modern challenges in this field. These curricula include specialized courses in the health management such as health service and hospital. Health market and health finance .the above-mentioned curricula focused on mechanisms of problems solving and making decisions in the health institutions in order to achieve the regulatory competence and efficiency in the health management.

Roles and opportunities of jobs for graduates:

  • masteing the scientific ability to work in national health car regulations jobs that include the health regulations and their intuitions in hometown and outside it.
  • managing the local and international health care organizations.
  • working as specialists in health management and health service for running the health intuitions efficiently and effectively.
  • working as assistants of hospitals administrators or heads if the health human resources health marketing and quality management.
  • working in the panning administration in the big hospitals, the health planning institutions, the health care institutions, the medical compounds, the psychological health institutions, the chronic care institutions, the specialized medical centers, the health insurance companies and the alike.
  • working as administrators on the level of the high health management after promoting in the job system in hospitals as well as working in the health care houses, the care institutions for the blind, the old, the handicapped and other specialized health centers.
  • the ability of understanding and implementing the strategic process by using the information resources for achieving the regulatory aims of the health institutions and improving the total performance.