Electronic Engineering – IndustrialControl

Bachelor of applicable electronic engineering

This major providesgraduates with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of measuring, industrial antennas, and smart control techniques. As well as it provides them with theoretical     and practical knowledge to do electronic control of machines, motors assembling and working. Also the specialization gives them the knowledge of control systems and factories protection.

Business domains:-

  1. Companies of controlling and design the machines and electric devices.
  2. Companies of selling and maintenance machines, public and personal devices.
  3. Ministries, public and private associations.
  4. Factories and stations that are worked by industrial control system.

Special aims of the program:-

  1. Graduating engineers are capable of working immediately in electronic devices maintenance domain or these that contain electronic circles as computers and medical devices.
  2. Graduating engineers are capable of designing electronic circles by using the newest electronic pieces and computer programs as Or CAD. These engineers have the abilities to simulate a design, apply it practically, and document it.