Bachelor of Architecture DSC 0308

This major is considered as one of the unique majors inside the country. Graduates of this major enjoy the skills of private and public engineering, electronic and mechanic that are attached to building. A graduate engineer can work at full skill in designing and supervising on building constructions, through his\her good knowledge of the civil, electronic, and mechanic construction levels.

Business domains:-

  • Consultative and engineering offices. Projects coordination and space offices.
  • Contracting corporations.
  • Ministries, universities, and municipalities.
  • Laboratories of substances and land examinations.

Special aims of the program:-

  • Giving students the skills and the experiences in a wide range of structural engineering such as; designing and drawing the structural schemes, drawing the internal perspectives and also executive plans that belong to buildings.
  • Preparing and drawing the health, electric, and contractual schemes by using computer programs or manually.
  • Preparing students in a lot of the civil engineering domains, which are specialized in buildings such as; constructions, areas, substance tests, amount counting, specifications and engineering projects managing.
  • Creating a core of technicians in order to develop the manufactories and productions of cooling and warming devices on the national level with a high quality.
  • Designing central conditioning scheme of buildings.
  • Calculating the loads of central conditioners, which are necessary for buildings.
  • Giving students the skills of buildings maintenance, finishes and its management.