Bachelor of applicable electronic engineering

Computer and digital systems:-

This major provides students with necessary skills and practical knowledge in the operation system domain and computer article. It also provides the necessary knowledge for computer networks and advanced logical design of analogue installations, new digital pieces, integrative circles, and programming. It also rehabilitates graduates to practice the computer maintenance works.

Business domains:-

  1. Companies of computer design, controlling, assembling, maintenance, and digital systems.
  2. Ministries, factories, public and private associations.
  3. Companies of internet and electronic sites design.

Special aims of the program:-

  1. Graduated engineers are capable of working immediately in domain of electronic devices maintenance or those that contain electronic circles as computers and medical devices.
  2. Graduated engineers are capable of designing electronic circles by using the newest electronic pieces and computer programs as Or CAD. These engineers have the abilities to simulate a design, apply it practically, and document it.
  3. Graduated engineers are qualified to assign the standards and specifications which are needed to the new complicated electronic devices in the public and private associations inside the local society. They supervise on the way of importing it. The specialized engineer is a technical supporter of these devices.

Group:   division programs\ bachelor programs.